5th Tbilisi International Festival of Literature Program

Ø  17 May

18:00 Official opening of the Festival

18:30 Poetry evening of Miriam Reyes (Spain). Moderated by Irakli Menteshashvili. Poetry translation by Irakli Menteshashvili and Nini Eliashvili. Language: Georgian/Spanish

19:30 Mystifications in Georgian Literature: Dato Barbakadze, Giorgi Maisuradze. Language: Georgian

20:30 Poetry, Music and Wine.

Poetry evening – “Two Sides of One Poet”

participation of all festival guests

Music - Mebo Nutsubidze and Georgian folk band “Odabade”.


Ø  18 May


15:00 The Dialogue: Perspective on Many Different Truths Based on Oral Stories About August Was 2008 – Presentation of the Multimedia Project 08080 and book Apple Orchards. Participants: editors of Indigo magazine, Nino Lomadze and Tamar Babuadze.

16:00 Italian poetry evening: Anita Piscazzi, Rosaria Lo Russo, Rita Pacilio. Moderation and poetry translation by Nunu Geladze. Language: Georgian/Italian

17:00 Panel discussion “What Happens to The Text in Translation?” Participants: Sabine Schiffner, Rachel Gratzfeld, Davit Gabunia. Language: Georgian/German

18:00 Poetry evening of Manfred Chobot (Austria). Moderated by Tamar Kotrikadze. Poetry translation by Dato Barbakadze and Tamar Kotrikadze. Language: Georgian/German

19:00 Poetry evening: Valzyna Mort (Belarus) and Vasyl Makhno (Ukraine). Moderated by Shota Iatashvili. Poetry translation by Davit Chikhladze and Shota Iatashvili. Language: Georgian/English

20:00 Poetry evening of Michael Palmer (USA). Moderation and poetry translation by Paata Shamugia. Language:Georgian/English

21:30 GEORGIAN PROGRAM: Mystifications in Georgian Literature: Zurab Karumidze, Shota Iatashvili. Language: Georgian


Ø  19 May

16:00 Panel discussion “Is It Necessary to Declaim Poetry?”. Participants: Michael Palmer, Eugene Ostashevsky, Valzhyna Mort, Dato Barbakadze. Moderated by Paata Shamugia. Language: Georgian/English

17:00 Poetry evening: Gonca Özmen (Turkey) and Hamid Herischi (Azerbaijan). Moderated by Oktai Kazumov. Poetry translation by Oktai Kazumov. Language: Georgian/Turkish/Azerbaijani

18:00 Poetry evening of Sabine Schiffner (Germany). Moderation and poetry translation by Nika Jorjaneli. Language: Georgian/German

19:00 Meeting with the author: Melania Mazzuco (Italy) and presentation of her novel “Vita” (Sulakauri Publishing). Moderated by the translator Khatuna Tskhadadze. Georgian/Italian

20:00 Poetry evening of Eugene Ostashevsky (USA). Moderated by Paata Shamugia. Poetry translation by Paata Shamugia and Dalila Gogia. Language: Georgian/English

21:30 GEORGIAN PROGRAM: Mystifications in Georgian Literature: Paata Natsvlishvili, Kato Javakhishvili, Shalva Bakuradze. Language: Georgian.


Ø  20 May

14:00 Vasyl Makhno: Ukrainian Literature in Ukraine and Beyond. Meeting with the students of The Center for Ukrainian Studies, Faculty of the Humanities. (Tbilisi State University, 5th building, room 316). Language: Georgian/Ukrainian

18:30 Poetry evening of Arpi Voskanyan (Armenia). Moderated by Asya Darbinyan. Poetry translation by Diana Anthimiadou and Asya Darbinyan. Language: Georgian/Armenian

19:30 Poetry evening: Petr Hruška (Czechia) and Nikola Madzirov (North Macedonia). Moderated by Zaza Koshkadze. Poetry translation by Manana Matiashvili, Zaza Koshkadze and Paata Shamugia. Language: Georgian/English.

20:30 Poetry evening of Lev Rubinstein (Russia). Moderated by Shota Iatashvili. Poetry translation by Shota Iatashvli and Tato Changelia. Language: Geogian/Russian.

21:30 GEORGIAN PROGRAM: Mystifications in Georgian Literature: Irakli Kakabadze, Giorgi Shonia. Language:Georgian.


Ø  21 May

12:00 Linda Maria Baros – meeting with the students of the faculty of French Language and Literature. (Ilia State University, Building D, room D205). Language: Georgian/French

16:00 Miriam Reyes – meeting with the students of the faculty of Spanish Language and Literature. (Tbilisi State University, 1st building, room 212. Language: Georgian/Spanish

18:00 Meeting with the playwright Dorota Masłowska (Poland). Moderated by Davit Gabunia. Language: Georgian/Polish

19:00 Panel discussion “Transnationality as a New Challenge for Poetry”. Participants: Miriam Reyes, Nikola Madzirov, Petr Hruška, Giorgi Lobzhanidze. Moderated by Shota Iatashvili. Language: Georgian/English

20:00 Poetry evening of Linda Maria Baros (France), moderated by Mebo Nutsubidze. Poetry translation by Bachana Chabradze. Language: Georgian/French

21:00 Walt Whitman – 200: Michael Palmer on Walt Whitman – moderated by Temur Kobakhidze

-       Whitman in translation – festival participants read his poetry in different languages.

-       Whitman in Georgian – Lana Ghoghoberidze, Konstantin Gamsakhurdia Jr, Rostom Chkeidze, Medea Zaalishvili, Shalva Bakuradze and others. Language: Georgian/English.