Poetry evening with Lia Sturua. Festival 2016
Etgar Keret (Israel) meets Ilia State University Students. Festival 2016
DBC Pierre (UK) meets Ilia State University Students. Festival 2016
Meeting with the author Dmitry Bykov. TIFL 2016
Poetry Evening with Tadeusz Dabrowski. Festival 2016
Meeting with DBC Pierre. Festival 2016
Poetry Evening with Yurii Andrukhovych. Festival 2016.
Poetry Evening - Vera Pavlova, Serhiy Zhadan and Zviad Ratiani. Festival 2015.
Raoul Schrott - Hesiod’s “Theogony”, Homer’s “Iliad”, ancient texts, their sources and background. 2015.
Tbilisi 3rd International Festival of Literature
Panel discussion: “Poetry today: off-center of literary mainstream”. Festival 2015.
Panel discussion: “Writer and Citizen – civil responsibility of the author”. Festival 2015.
Claudio Pozzani (Italy) – poetry reading, meeting with the public. Presentation of the translation of his book “March of Shadow”. Festival 2015.
Book presentation. Svetlana Alexievich's "Voices from Chernobyl”. Festival 2015.
Serhiy Zhadan talks about events in Ukraine. Festival 2015.