16 May

18:00 Festival Opening: Meeting with Nino Haratischwili (Germany / Georgia) Language: Georgian. Writers’ House, 13, Ivane Machabeli Street.

19:30 Meeting with Ludwig Laher (Austria)

Language: German / Georgian

Writers’ House

21:00 Poetry Jam + Jazz (all participant poets) Writers’ House

22:00 Marathon of Young Georgian Poets /

Language: Georgian

Writer’s House


17 May

18:00 Discussion: Women Writers on the verge of activism with Tamta Melashvili (Georgia), Hasmik Simonian (Armenia), Ester Naomi Perquin (Netherlands), moderator: Tata Tsopurashvili / language: English / Georgian.

Frontline Georgia Club, 62 L.Asatiani Str.

18:30 Poetry evening with Sergio Badilla Castillo (Chile) and Kristian Carlsson (Sweden) /

language: Spanish / Swedish / Georgian.

Caucasian House

19:30 Meeting with DBC Pierre (UK) /

language: English / Georgian. Writers’ House

21:00 Poetry Evening with Yurii Andrukhovych (Ukraine) and Tadeusz Dąbrowski (Poland)

language: Ukrainian / Polish / Georgian.

Writers’ House


18 May

17:00 Sergio Badilla Castillo (Chile) meets students / language: Spanish

TSU, V block, room 3.

17:00 Kristian Carlsson (Sweden) meets students / language: Swedish

TSU Center for Scandinavian Studies

18:30 Poetry evening with Yasuhiro Yotsumoto (Japan) and Ester Naomi Perquin (the Nethernalds) / language: Japanese / Dutch / Georgian

Caucasian House

19:30 Poetry evening with Lia Sturua (Georgia), book presentation “Wolf Hour”

Writers’ House

21:00 Meeting with the author Dmitry Bykov (Russia), moderator Shota Iatashvili /

language: Russian / Georgian

Writers’ House


19 May

15:00 Yasuhiro Yotsumoto (Japan) meets students / language: Japanese.

Free University, 240, Aghmashenebeli Alley

18:30 Caucasian Evening with Hasmik Simonian (Armenia), Seymur Baycan (Azerbaijan) and Lela Samniashvili (Georgia). Caucasian House

19:00 DBC Pierre (UK) meets Ilia State University Students. Bookhouse Ligamus

32, Chavchavadze Ave.

20:00 Discussion: Soviet Inheritance in Post-Soviet Literature with Yurii Andrukhovych (Ukraine), Dmitry Bykov (Russia), Seymur Baycan (Azerbaijan) and Levan Berdzenishvili (Georgia) / language: Russian / Georgian

Writers’ House

21:30 Poetry: Enemies Project – UK/Georgia

with Zura Jishkariani, Lia Likokeli, Zaza Koshkadze / Steven J Fowler, Eley Williams, Luke Kennard / language: English / Georgian

Writers’ House


20 May

18:00 Meeting with Sadik Yalsizucanlar (Turkey) / language: Turkish / Georgian

Writers’ House

19:30 Susan Shillinglaw (USA) talks about John Steinbeck. Fragments from documentary by O. Zhgenti “Steinbeck and Russian Journal” / language: English / Georgian

Writers’ House

21:00 Meeting with the author Etgar Keret (Israel) moderator: Dato Turashvili

language: English / Georgian

Writers’ House

22:30 Poetry Night in the Writers’ House garden


21 May

13:00 Shakespeare for Children: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Vaso Guleuri, Davit Gabunia

language: Georgian

Writers’ House

15:00 Giorgi Kekelidze (Georgia) meets young readers – “Personal experience as literature”.

Writers’ House

17:00 Poetry evening with Alex Galper (USA) / language: Russian / Georgian

Writers’ House

19:00 Etgar Keret (Israel) meets Ilia State University Students.

Bookhouse Ligamus

20:30 Special Film Screening: A Woman from Marketplace (1928) directed by G. Makarov, based on Eugen O’Neill’s Desire Under the Elms. with live music.

Writers’ House


Program +

Poetry Marathon with Young Georgian Poets
They have limited time and plenty to share with their audience.
Young Georgian poets start the marathon run with their poetry.
Giorgi Arabuli, Beka Akhalaia, Gega Abuladze, Beka Korshia, Giorgi Shonia, Lasha Jaiani, Ninia Nadiradze, Giorgi Gagoshidze, Nini Eliashvili, Tornike Chelidze.
Women writers at the verge of activism
with Tamta Melashvili, Hasmik Simonian and Ester Naomi Perquin
moderated by Tata Tsopurashvili
What is the role of female writers in the context of 21st century; do the discussion participants position themselves as feminists? How their personal experience is reflected in their writing? Are they considering women as their targeted audience? These issues will be addressed by three authors from Armenia, Georgia and the Netherlands.
Soviet inheritance in the Post-Soviet literature
with Yuri Andrukhovych, Dmitry Bykov and Seymur Baycan
moderated by Levan Berdzenishvili
Despite their different choices after the fall of the Soviet Union Post-Soviet countries do share the common historical past. How is this inheritance reflected in contemporary writing; to what extent does it define the content of today’s literature; do Ukrainian, Russian and Azeri writers try to analyze the Soviet past or do they try to avoid this experience in their writing? Is this experience an obstacle to them? These are the issues for the discussion.
Special Film Screening
A Woman from Marketplace
based on Eugene O’Neill’s Desire Under the Elms
screenplay by P.Morskoi, G. Makarov, V. Engels; directed by Giorgi Makarov; production design by R.Fedor; edited by V. Dolenko. Cast: A. Murusidze, B. Beletskaya, Sh. Ghambashidze, A. Vasadze, G. Inashvili. (produced by SAKHKINMRETSVI)
Georgian silent film A Woman from Marketplace was based on the popular play Desire Under the Elms by prominent American writer, winner of the Nobel Prize Eugene O’Neill. It was the first and quite free film adaptation of the play. The film has shifted main accents from those of the original play, thus resulting in an interesting “reading”, or interpretation of the source text. The director Giorgi Makarov chose to mingle the elements of psychological drama with western, at the same time strictly following the demands of the Soviet NEP and standards of commercial cinema from Roaring 20-ies.
The special screening in frames of the Festival will be held with live musical accompaniment. The audience will have a chance to experience Great Silent Cinema and the aesthetics of those years. Art historian, Olga Zhgenti will open the screening with an introductory lecture.
The project is supported by “Georgian Film Company” and the US Embassy to Georgia.