Diti Ronen - Author of the issue of "Akhali Saunje"


Tbilisi International Festival of Literature 2017 participant Diti Ronen is the author of the March issue of literary magazine "Akhali Saunje".

Diti Ronen has published six full length poetry books, as well as numerous essays and articles. Her poetry is translated into many languages and is published in literary magazines and anthologies worldwide. Ronen performs her poetry on different stages in Israel and around the world. She was awarded three International poetry awards, including the Terra Poetica Award, and two national awards plus prizes of honors, poetry residencies and scholarships.

Her most recent poetry book, "Quand la maison revient" (French, 50pp), was published in France on March 2016 by the "Levant" publishing house. Her most recent poetry book published in Hebrew, "The return of the house and its wanderings" (Hebrew, 215pp), was published in Israel on March 2016 by the "Ha'Kibboutz Ha'Meuhad" publishing house. The book was awarded soon after it was published by the Kugel Literary Award.

Ronen is a lecturer of Arts, Theatre and Cultural Policy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where she teaches postgraduate students. She is the former head of Cultural Policy, Theatre and Literature Departments in the Israeli Ministry of Culture.

Diti Ronen was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is the mother of five and lives in Neve Monoson, a community near Tel Aviv.

Her poems are translated into Georgian specifically for the magazine and the festival by Dalila Gogia.