Tbilisi International Festival of Literature (TIFL), organized by Writers’ House of Georgia already counts five years as an important part of literary processes in the country. TIFL stands out as one of the most popular and beloved cultural events of the city.  

The first TIFL took place in 2015 and has been held annually ever since. Throughout its five editions festival hosted 100 authors from 35 countries. 147 events were organized in frames of TIFL with participation of international and Georgian authors, moderators, translators, musicians and other performers.

TIFL participants during the years 2015-2019 were authors such as: DBC Pierre, Etgar Keret, Victor Erofeyev, Melannia Mazzucco, Ibrahim Al-Koni, Serhiy Zhadan, Michael Palmer, Charles Bernstein, Thomas Venclova, Julia Fiedorczuk, Yurii Andrukhovych, Isaac Marion, Volha Hapeyeva, Eugene Ostashevsky, Lev Rubinstein, Vera Pavlova and many other writers, well known in literary communities and to readers around the world.

Festival program usually includes events of different format and content: poetry evenings, workshops, meetings with authors, book presentations, panel discussions. The festival works in cooperation with literary magazines, publishers, schools and universities. Prior to the festival Georgian periodicals publish translations of international participants. The main festival venue is the Writers’ House, but number of events also take place in partner spaces - universities, theatres and other.   

TIFL is a very important platform for Georgian literature as well. The festival offers authors, literary critics, researchers and translators an opportunity to be involved in active international literary processes. In 2018 festival presented Retrospective of Georgian Poetry Groups. In 2019 it was Georgian Literary Mystifications.